“Midas 3 has done a phenomenal job with our website under the careful direction of Simon Harrison.

They have consistently produced superior work and met budget. Not only do they do a spectacular job with the production of websites, but they also provide invaluable strategic consultancy on internet marketing, social media and search engine optimization. Our new website is the best in the industry and we are enjoying tons of new traffic. Hats off to Simon and the Midas 3 group!

Lee Labrada
President/CEO Labrada Nutrition



TOM VENUTO | Fitness Renaissance, LLC

I’ve known Simon Harrison since the earliest days of the internet and my only regret is that I didn’t start working with him sooner.  Simon’s expertise is incredibly broad ; he does everything from professional website and graphic design to facebook pages to SEO.

He’s one of the few internet professionals who understands graphic design and direct response marketing at the same time. Do you know how rare that is? (and how frustrating it is to work with a designer who doesn’t understand marketing?)

Simon can design a website that not only looks beautiful, but sells and gets ranked in the search engines too.

He’ll gladly do any site design or marketing job to your exact specs, but at the same time he’s such an excellent creative idea guy, if you listen to him, he’ll add to your projects in ways you never would have thought of yourself.  Top shelf work. I’d recommend Simon and Midas3 to anyone… except my competition. 

Tom Venuto
President/Fitness Renaissance LLC



Mike Baker | Fitnet Group

  • Improved my conversions and implemented exit pop strategies which rake in another $20,000 per year alone.
  • We have primary product keywords at number #1, and #2 and are steadily now making a very significant income
  • I saved around $3000 per month on PPC as I’ve entirely stopped all PPC campaign
  •  4 of our main reviews ended up in the top 3 position, 2 of them are at number #1, having been not even in the top 40 before.

I had Midas3 build the site and develop my concept and host the site quite some time ago , but as a start up business I didn’t feel I could justify their SEO costs upfront,  so I did what many folks do, I turned to cheap SEO firms who promised the earth for a few hundred bucks a month, this turned out to be the bigggest mistake of my online experience, the term false economy never rang truer, hindsight is a marvelous thing.

After I initially had the site built,  I was living  under the illusion that… if  I build it, they will come.” That dream came to a crashing halt when I realized I was getting ZERO  traffic, and that SEO was a tough game, made worse by dealing with the low end of the SEO Market.

Even worse I had chosen a niche to work in which was saturated and incredibly hard to rank in for my keywords. Mine and my wifes idea had been to review products we believed in for a commision and live on a desert island with a laptop counting our money., unfortunately this didn’t pan out. We were lucky if we made $50 a day most days and we were spending $50 or more on PPC”.

We had tried various SEO firms before who had charged us anything from $300 per month to  $2000.00 per month to get our keywords into position but who couldn’t get us even on to page 2 for the terms.  They eventually gave up stating the niche was simple so aggressively mined by competitors, it wasn’t viable for them to compete with on our budget  and refunded 50% of our money after 4 wasted months but it was a lesson hard learned. During my time with these companies, Linda at Midas3 still took the time to try and help us as much as possible with our on page SEO even though I had choosen to “save money” and go with another SEO firm.

Finally after 7 months of wasted time, we decided to plough into our savings, and have one last ditch attempt at getting our key pages into top positions, I had seen what Midas3 could do in a similar niche for a confidential client, and we decided to give it a go, despite it being a very significant monthly contract .

They seemed so confident they could do it and set us up a payment plan which seemed fair and the rest, thank God.. is history.

We are now making between eleven and twelve times daily what we used to, I have given up my full time job and very soon my wife will be able to as well. Last month we hit our record so much so that Clickbank contacted us to be upgraded to premium status and the writer of one of the books we review contacted us asking how the heck we ranked above him in Google for his own product as he had spent over $25,000 getting to number one above all his affiliates , we got there in 4 months, he had spent well over 16 months.

We made our costs back from the SEO contract within 2 months and are now in massive profit monthly and taking on new keywords all the time.

I really didn’t think it was going to be possible and sometimes I did get jumpy as we saw no movement for a few weeks but the guys explained to me SEO isn’t linear, sometimes you get 10 positions in a week, then nothing for 2 weeks but in the end all 4 of our main reviews ended up in the top 3 position, 2 of them are at number #1, having been not even in the top 40 before.  The day I got an email from Linda telling me to go check one of our specific keywords and myself and my wife seeing it had hit number 1 was one of the best days of my life.

We now have our primary product keywords at number #1, and #2 and are steadily now making a very significant income from one website all because of the guys at Midas3 and their expertise. Our pages now naturally outrank the actual owners of the products, even those with huge sites, with thousands of pages of content and a massive SEO budget.

Linda and Michael also  provided valuable on page SEO tips and Simon explained  how to craft my reviews more appealingly which improved my conversions and implemented exit pop strategies which rake in another $20,000 per year alone.

I saved around $3000 per month on PPC as I’ve entirely stopped all PPC campaigns, the CPC was so absurd for my keywords, I couldn’t make an ROI.

Overall I feel blessed and my wife is very relieved, that our Internet dream is now a reality.

Every day we check our Google Analytic account that Midas3 even set up for us and configured and smile.

I don’t know what else to say but thanks to Michael, Simon and Linda who just steered my flagging ship to shore, thank you again and I hope this review helps you get more clients as you truly are masters in a sea of broken promises.



Marc David | NoBull Fitness.

Imagine your writer’s block was because your own site was pushing you away!

After being just “satisfied” with my current blog and seeing so many of my top performing peers running top notch, eye pleasing sites, I lost my motivation to write.  The aesthetics of my blog and not being excited to visit my own site killed my ability to produce content!  It wasn’t that I couldn’t write or that I didn’t have anything to say.  I just wasn’t interested in saying it on a site that didn’t connect with me anymore.

One day I finally had enough.  I contacted Simon of Midas3 and asked him if he could help me with my blog.  We quickly my desires, the price, and a timeline  Here’s where it gets interesting.

My problem has always been that I envision things and never get my thoughts on paper.  I don’t seem to be able to describe what I want in fine detail.  When I see it, I know immediately but it takes an artist to extract what it is I want and make it a reality.  Hardly anybody I’ve ever worked with has been able to do this until Simon.

I asked him for a new blog.  I wanted it to look very updated, fresh, clean and eye-pleasing.  I pointed him to a few sites in my same niche.  He asked a couple of very routine questions and the next thing I knew, the project was under way.  He kept in constant contact, showing me drafts and getting my opinion.  While he was in full control of the picture, he extrapolated what I wanted thru my inadequate words and made my blog a work of art, I was desperate to write.

Desperate to write!  The writer’s block was gone as the excitement to get involved over took and destroyed my inability to create.

In fact, I started blogging so much that I needed an editorial calender.  Two other people volunteered to write for me.

The bottom line is that Simon is an artist.   He manages the project to perfection.  He sees the vision and the outcome even when those of us know we want something different but can’t put it into words.  There is nobody else that could have done this project for me.  Simon’s ability to read my mind was the one thing I needed somebody to do.  The results were nothing short of amazing.


Marc C David



Hugo Rivera | HRFIT LLC.

I cannot thank Simon and his team at Midas 3 enough for the outstanding work that they have done with my website.

As an engineer myself, I am extremely picky (and careful) with whom I choose to work on my IT projects….especially when it comes to my personal page. However, Simon and his Midas 3 team not only met all of my challenging requirements, but they did so while keeping to the deadlines, the budget and overdelivering as well! It is really a pleasure to work with Simon as he is a perfectionist and always has insightful recommendations that will get the site to be top notch.

Furthermore, one thing that separates this company from the rest is the fact that they UNDERSTAND Internet Marketing and SEO. Most companies can barely make you a website and much less get it indexed with the Search Engines. What good is any website if it cannot be found!

However, Midas 3 not only got my website top ranked, but it made it social media friendly which has resulted in my newsletter signups going through the roof and my online business taking off thanks to the increased exposure!

I cannot recommend Simon and Midas 3 enough….they are my secret Internet Marketing weapon!

Hugo Rivera
HR Fitness Inc.
International Best Selling Fitness Author
NY Times About.com Bodybuilding Guide



Will Brink | Optimal Brink Media.

I wouldn’t go anywhere else, I can ‘t recommend them highly enough.

I’ve worked with Midas3 and Simon as my lead contact for a number of years on various projects and they have always been able to totally understand what I needed and how to implement it, I had appalling experiences previously, the level of proffesionalism they always provide is just “out there”, nobody comes close, the whole experience is always so painless and they just crack on and get the jobs done, I barely need to be involved , although they do get my thoughts on stuff that involves my personality.

The sites they create for me , which I believe is up to 5 now, including my blog at brinkzone.com always represent me as an individual and allow me to distribute my content effectively via the blog and social media as well as building a list and selling my products, they really understand not just modern web development but also how to ensure my message and products get pushed out there.

In addition everything is always custom built so I can easily update every part of my site without knowing a stitch of HTML . Simon’s always available to assist in consultancy and new concepts for online marketing and his team also host and look after day to day website maintenance for me on numerous websites. I wouldn’t go anywhere else, I can ‘t recommend them highly enough. I didn’t really want to write this, but Simon twisted my arm :-) I want to keep them to myself.

Will Brink.